Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth

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The Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth is the essential complement to your Aramith Ball Cleaner liquid, it cleans your cue and object balls in a simple wipe. This Aramith Cloth features:

  • High cloth resistance with strong fibre within the textile velvet structure that leaves no fibers lost on the ball surface
  • Absorbs 4x its weight in water, 8x its weight in grease
  • Fiber thickness, insures excellent cleaning performance; even inside small surface defects or scratches
  • Curly shaped fibres easily remove dust from the ball's surface and capture dust into the microfibre through electrostatic effect due to friction on the ball's surface
  • High fiber crush resistance, recovers its initial volume and absorption after use
  • No shrinkage after hot wash
  • Flexible protective underlayer coating to keep your hand dry during ball cleaning
  • Exclusive product designed for professional billiard ball maintenance to use in combination with the Aramith Ball Cleaner and the Aramith Ball Restorer
Sku: AR1059
Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth