Aramith Pool Balls - Tournament Black

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Introducing the new Aramith Tournament BLACK Pool Balls Set. Aramith has created a new Tournament set to combine the very best of pool ball quality with an innovative, trendy and groundbreaking "black" design. Anticipating the need to better discern the balls on TV but also on small screen devices, Aramith teamed up with Matchroom Multisport to develop this new, innovative and groundbreaking look. This Aramith Pool Balls Set features:

  • 16 Balls Tournament Set - 1 and 9 ball: yellow, 2 and 10 ball: dark blue, 3 and 11 ball: red, 4 and 12 ball: pink, 5 and 13 ball : light purple, 6 and 14 ball: light green, 7 and 15 ball: light brown, 8 ball: black and cue ball: Ivory with 6 black dots and Aramith logo
  • Pool Balls Size : 57.2 mm (2 1/4")
  • Duramith Technology: Resin formulation with hi-tech reticulation, cross-linking and curing technologies, to deliver quality, durability and longevity, increasing their service life up to 50%
  • Ultimate Balance: Guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll
  • Perfect Rebound: Resin is calibrated for optimal rebound to fully control the effect of every shot
  • High Impact Resistant
  • Burn Spot Resistant
Sku: AR1141-BK
Aramith Pool Balls - Tournament BlackAramith Pool Balls - Tournament BlackAramith Pool Balls - Tournament Black