Aramith Pool-Champion Training Ball Set

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The Aramith Pool-Champion Training Ball Set will teach you cue ball control and improve your pocketing skills. Tested and approved by top players this set gives you the secrets of the pros. Designed for both beginner and advanced players, this two sided training cue ball is a must have. The set includes an easy to follow 30 page Instruction Booklet, a Cue Ball Disc and a Home Practice Pocket. Made by Aramith this set provides ultimate performance. This Aramith Pool-Champion Training Ball Set features:

  • Two Sided Training Cue Ball made from Genuine Phenolic Resin
  • Training Patterns are Fully Embedded Under a Wear Resistant Layer
  • Front Pattern Teaches Pocketing Skills while the Rear Pattern Teaches Cue Ball Control
  • 30 Page Instruction Booklet
  • Cue Ball Disc
  • Home Practice Pocket
  • Teaches you the Secrets of the Pros
  • Great For Beginners and Advanced Players
  • Made by Aramith
  • Diameter: 2.25”
Sku: AR1023
Aramith Pool-Champion Training Ball SetAramith Pool-Champion Training Ball Set