Athena ATH35 Cue - Gray Butterflies

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The Action Cues Athena Series ATH35 offers you the right cue to arm yourself with for combat. Athena Cues are crafted using thinner shafts and shorter standard cue lengths encouraging a better bridge, smoother follow through, and enhances the overall balance of the cue. Using only high quality materials, Athena Cues are designed to work well with all players and playing styles guaranteeing nothing will stand between the warrior in you and the table. The Action Cues Athena Series ATH35 also features:

  • Translucent Grey Stained Forearm and Sleeve with Tribal and Butterfly Designs, Accented with a Stainless Steel Collar and Black Composite Butt Plate with Black Composite and Silver Rings
  • 12.5mm 28.5" Hard Rock Maple Shaft with 10" Pro Taper with Piloted Brass Insert
  • Standard Tip: Boar Skin Tip
  • Black Irish Linen Wrap with White Specks
  • Piloted Stainless Steel Joint 5/16x18 Pin
  • 1" Fiber Linen Ferrule
  • Includes 10" Extension
  • One-year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects
  • Weight Varies from 18 to 21oz
Sku: ATH35
Athena ATH35 Cue - Gray Butterflies