Balabushka BCC00008-01 Core Series Cue - GB26

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The Balabushka Cue GB26 is from the new Core Series. Built with the same quality and perfection Balabushka is known for. Features simple artistry designs not far from the original . Made from the finest material to maintain the level of excellence every product produced with the Legendary George Balabushka signature has. This Balabushka Cue GB26 features:

  • Design: Straight grain Maple forearm with four Rosewood points, White Ivorine rings with silver and black phenolic rings on the outside and Rosewood butt sleeve
  • Shaft: 13mm 29" Canadian maple shaft
  • Tip: Professional leather tip
  • Joint: 5/16X14 pin
  • Wrap: Black with white spec Irish linen
  • Stainless steel joint collar
Sku: BCC00008-01
Balabushka BCC00008-01 Core Series Cue - GB26