Balance Rite Cue Extension

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The Balance Rite Cue Extension is the perfect tool for players that need a little extra boost. This expander screws into the base of your cue, bringing even the farthest shot close-in. Tall players get the length they need for a stable, smooth stroke - without having to purchase a bulky extra-long shaft that may not fit in their case. Short players can play with ease regardless of table size - without having to interrupt their game by searching for a bridge. Both players get a solid, great quality extender with the rear-weighted traditional feel. This rear weighting system is also easy to use; just pop off your existing butt stopper and replace it with the special Balance Right stopper. When you need a little extra reach, screw the extender in place through the butt stopper - it locks into your cue's existing weight bolt for a super snug, stable hit. When you're not using the extender, the Balance Right stopper functions exactly like your old butt stopper - no hard surfaces to chip or crack and no leaving your cue butt unprotected! The Balance Right Rear Weighting System works on Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X, Players Flirt and Dufferin brand cues. This Balance Rite Cue Extension also features:

  • Instantly extends the length of your cue to 11 inches more
  • Works with all cue weights
  • For use on Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X, Players Flirt and Dufferin brand cues
  • Light weight
  • Small enough to fit in your case pocket
  • Fully removable
  • Fits behind your cue's butt for maximum rear balance
  • Screws on and off in seconds
  • Eliminates the need for a bridge or separate oversized shaft
  • Gives tall people a more natural feeling stroke and short people the length they need for all situations
Balance Rite Cue ExtensionBalance Rite Cue ExtensionBalance Rite Cue Extension