Buddy Hall Cue Guide

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The Buddy Hall Cue Guide is a billiard training aid that will help improve your cue stroke in no time. Endorsed by Buddy Hall, BCA Hall of Fame Inductee and 9 Ball World Champion for the past 20 years. This cue stroke training device is guaranteed to improve your stroke by developing muscle memory. Designed to keep your stroke straight with your arm and cue working as one unit. It has 4 different angles to practice your strokes and can be used on a pool table or any other flat surface that has the same height as a pool table. For beginners to advanced players. The Buddy Hall Cue Guide also features:

  • Professional Model 3/4" inside diameter X 5" tube length, 1.6 oz. weight
  • 3 Piece portable device
  • Made out of a durable plastic material
  • Instruction guide included
  • Approved by the Billiard Congress of America
Sku: BH40
Buddy Hall Cue GuideBuddy Hall Cue GuideBuddy Hall Cue GuideBuddy Hall Cue GuideBuddy Hall Cue Guide