Bulletproof 5 in 1 Tip Tool

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The Bulletproof 5 in 1 Tip Tool is the most unique product of it's kind. This innovative chalk holder tool design is machined from a solid block of lightweight 6061 aluminum and features nickel, dime, and penny radius shapers machined into its surface and hard anodized for durability.The machined diamond teeth will stay sharp for years and years. Also incorporated into this tool is a Tapper/Scuffer with a machined pattern to give your tip the perfect texture to hold chalk and grip better. The tools you need to help maintain your cue tip's performance are all in this Bulletproof Tip Tool which features:

  • Chalk Holder
  • Nickel Radius Shaper
  • Dime Radius Shaper
  • Penny Radius Shaper
  • Tip Tapper/Scuffer
  • All machined made for durability
Sku: CTU8C
Bulletproof  5 in 1 Tip ToolBulletproof  5 in 1 Tip Tool