Cue Cube Shape and Scuff Tip Tool - .418" Nickel

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The Cue Cube Nickel Blue is a two-in-one tool that shapes the cue tip to a Nickel radius, while the other scuffs the cue tip to hold chalk and prevent miscues. Made of solid metal with silicon carbide, this device lasts and lasts. This product is used by professional players. The Cue Cube has a successful track record among pool players because it works so well and is reasonably priced. This Cue Cube Nickel Black features:

  • Precise Cue Tip Shaping to a Nickel (.4175") Radius
  • Scuffs Tip to Hold Chalk
  • Gives Ultimate Ball Control and Prevents Excessive Wearing of Tip
  • Made of Solid Metal with Silicon Carbide
  • Successful Track Record Among Pool Players
  • Includes a Key Ring Hole to Carry Around
  • Made in USA
Sku: 91124
Cue Cube Shape and Scuff Tip Tool - .418" Nickel