CutShots Basic Set -CS-4

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The CutShots Basic Set – CS-4 is the fastest and most effective way to learn and practice cut shots. This set of training pool balls are designed to let new players quickly learn how to cut balls into the pocket; and to help experienced players sharpen the precision of their aim. With 112 points on each ball there is no need for hand positioning no matter what aiming system you use. Along with the CutShots 3-step aiming routine, CutShots Balls will help a good player to play better and is an easy to understand training aid for new players. Made by Aramith for ultimate performance. This CutShots Basic Set – CS-4 features:

  • Set of 4 Training Balls – 1 White Cue Ball and 3 Yellow Object Balls with 112 Contact Points on Each Ball
  • Simple and Understandable “Contact-Point-to-Contact-Point” Aiming Method
  • CutShots 3-Step Aiming Routine Step-by-Step Instructions
  • No Hand Positioning Required
  • Fastest and Most Effective Way to Learn and Practice Cut Shots
  • Great For Beginners and Advanced Players
  • Made by Aramith
  • CutShots 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Sku: CSS00001
CutShots Basic Set -CS-4