Kamui Chalk .98 Sky Blue 1 Piece

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The Kamui Chalk .98 Sky Blue is for those who seek higher quality and performance for their game. Kamui chalk provides more spin and more accuracy to your shot. Through repeated testing of materials, bonds, heat torelence, particle size, distribution and more, Kamui created a chalk that prevents miscues, gives maximum function and a stable spin that is transferred to the cue ball. Experience control and higher accuracy on every shot with Kamui Chalk. This Kamui .98 Chalk features:

  • Sky Blue Color
  • For extreme shooting
  • Contains a much finer particle size than standard chalk, which provides players the best possible friction while maximizing the sweet spot on the cue ball
  • Chalk has more adhesion that allows it to stay on the cue tip longer
  • Sold individually as a 1 piece chalk
Kamui Chalk .98 Sky Blue 1 Piece