Kamui Chalk ROKU

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The Kamui Chalk ROKU, is the most technologically advanced pool cue chalk in the market today. This is a high quality chalk that provides grip power, adhesion and solidity so that you can experience the full potential of your pool cue tip. Imagine having the ability of the KAMUI Chalk .98 and 1.21 all in one single piece of chalk. Roku has been developed, seeking the best balance of particles while minimizing ingredients; which enables players to control their shots with higher accuracy. This Kamui Roku Chalk features:

  • Blue Hexagonal Chalk design
  • Provides Grip Power
  • Chalk has high density and solidity which provides ease of chalking and high adhesion to tip, so chalk does not wear off
  • Contains a finer particle size than standard chalk to maximize friction and a larger Sweet Spot to generate more spin on the cue ball
  • Increases friction and decreases deflection to give players a more accurate aim when applying english
  • Sold individually as a 1 piece chalk
Kamui Chalk ROKUKamui Chalk ROKUKamui Chalk ROKU