Katana Cues - KAT01 - Sword Wrap

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The Katana Cues - Katana Cue 01 - Sword Wrap is the perfect cue for combat at the table. Originally created for fierce samurai warriors, Katana blades are symbols of craftsmanship, quality, and are often considered to be works of art. Katana Cues are no different. All Katana Cues are precisely manufactured to be deadly accurate and beautiful with high quality cream stains and striking pearloid inlays. If you're looking for the perfect weapon to bring to the table, arm yourself with a Katana. The Katana Cues - Katana Cue 01 - Sword Wrap also features:

  • Cream Stained Forearm and Sleeve with Black and Smoke Gray Pearlite Inlays, Black Diamond Points, Stainless Steel Collar and Butt Cap
  • 12.5mm 29" 10 Piece Radial Hard Rock Maple Katana Shaft with Katana Logo
  • Katana Tip by Tiger
  • Black Irish Linen Wrap
  • Piloted Stainless Steel Uni-Loc Joint
  • 3/8" Fiber Linen Ferrule
  • Includes Cream Colored Protective Sleeve and Joint Protectors
Sku: KAT01
Katana Cues - KAT01 - Sword Wrap