Longoni Cue Wax

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Do you ever get tired of using messy shaft cleaners that never seem to work? Do your cue shafts have residue from other cleaners or build-up from regular use? Well you are in luck. Longoni Cue Wax is a mess free way to clean your shaft, allowing for your cues natural beauty to shine without residue or gunky build-up. This Cue Wax from Longoni has been specially formulated to work with all types of wooden shafts, leaving them feeling silky smooth for a hang-up free stroke. This Longoni Cue Wax also Features:

  • Designed for All Wooden Shafts
  • Specially Formulated by Longoni
  • All-In-One Cleaner and Conditioner
  • Leaves No Residue or Build-Up
  • Made in Italy
Sku: LG3478
Longoni Cue Wax