Longoni Tip Tool - CueTip Razor

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The Longoni Tip Tool - CueTip Razor is the perfect tool for tip edging. During the game the cue tip is repeatedly compressed following the impact on the ball, the compression causes the tip to expand laterally creating an effect called "mushroom effect". To remove the mushroom deformation from your tip you need a tool like the Longoni Cuetip Razor. It is easy to use, just simply insert the tip to the bottom of the tool, press the button on the back to push the tip gently towards the blade, then gently rotate the shaft until all the deformed tip will be cut flush with the ferrule. This cue tip tool has been studied and tested not to damaged the ferrule even by inexperienced users. Features a lateral shaper with abrasive paper that gives the right curvature to the tip. Maintain the perfect cue tip, perfectly flush with the ferrule with an impeccable curvature with the Longoni CueTip Razor. This Longoni Tip Tool features:

  • 2 in 1 Tip Tool - Cue Tip Razor and Shaper
  • Fits Shaft with 11.75 to 13mm Tip Diameter
  • Easy to Use - No risk of damaging the ferrule
  • Quick - Takes only a few seconds to shape tip
  • Precise - Tip remains allied to ferrule
  • Comfortable, Light and Compact - Small enough to carry and fit in a cue case
  • Made in Italy
Sku: LG24649

Longoni Tip Tool - CueTip RazorLongoni Tip Tool - CueTip RazorLongoni Tip Tool - CueTip RazorLongoni Tip Tool - CueTip Razor