McDermott NG07 Stinger Jump/Break - Black and White

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The McDermott Cues Stinger Jump Break Black and White is the top choice for players in jumping and breaking situations. It features the patented Stinger Tip and Ferrule Technology that projects downward through a hole in the center of the ferrule. On impact, the shock of the hit goes to the center of the tip, and then down the stinger, transmitting the impact directly to the center of the shaft. This results in a very efficient and very precise hit. Also featured is the enormous "sweet spot". Because the Stinger technology takes the hit energy to the center of the shaft regardless of where you hit the tip, our tip can be much flatter than typical break cues. The flatter profile causes the Stinger tip to have a huge "sweet spot". You can miss-hit by quite a bit and still get the result you intended. Play like a pro with the Stinger Technology - Jump Easier, Break Harder, Shoot More Accurate and Play with Control. The Stinger NG07 Jump Break Cue Black and White features:

  • Design: Black and White Paint with "Stinger" Graphic Overlay
  • Shaft: 13.25 mm 29" Patented Stinger
  • Tip: Phenolic
  • Joint: 3/8" x 10" Main with Phenolic Insert, Quick Release Jump
  • Wrap: None
  • Warranty: Lifetime Including Warpage
Sku: NG07
McDermott NG07 Stinger Jump/Break - Black and White