McDermott MDC00201-01 3/8 x 10 I-Pro Shaft - Silver Ring

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The McDermott Shaft - I-Pro 3/8” x 10” Silver Ring is one of the most radial consistent shafts McDermott has to offer. McDermott Cues leads the way in high performance shaft technology. Being on the leading edge of innovation has allowed McDermott Cues to be the preferred choice of billiard players worldwide. The new I-Pro Shaft significantly increases radial consistency by combining Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction with a Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core. I-Pro Technology drastically reduces performance inconsistencies, maximizes energy transfer from the shaft into the cue ball at impact (allowing you to generate a higher spin rate while hitting closer to center cue ball) and reduces vibration. This I-Pro Shaft – 3/8” x 10” Silver Ring features:

  • Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction
  • Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core- Wood, carbon fiber and wood, which reduces vibration and minimizes shaft distortion, thereby adding optimal control and accuracy
  • 12.5mm 29” Premium Maple 8 Piece Construction with Hybrid I-Pro Taper
  • Tip: Navigator Alpha Medium, 10 layers of Japanese Pigskin Leather
  • Joint: 3/8” x 10”
  • Collar: Black with Single Silver Ring
  • Warranty: Lifetime Including Warpage
Sku: MDC00201-01
McDermott MDC00201-01 3/8 x 10 I-Pro Shaft - Silver Ring