Meucci BMC3BKPRO Casino Cue - Black With Blue Royal Flush

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The Meucci Cues Casino 3 was designed by Bob Meucci to feature all of the playability benefits every player should have and to disregard any unnecessary extras that might needlessly drive up the price of the cue. The cue is designed to give more power with less effort and to reduce ball deflection as much as possible. Every shaft is made from 35 flat laminated layers of maple and allow for maximum performance with minimum effort. This Meucci Cue features:

  • Design: Black with cream outlined blue paua shell inlaid floating points alternating cream and blue paua shell lines ending with each suite of cards on forearm, Blue Paua Shell Sleeve with a 4-Card Royal Flush Bordered by Blue Paua Shell Dice on butt sleeve
  • Shaft: 29" 35-Layer Flat-Laminated Hard Rock Maple with 14-16" Pro Taper
  • Tip: 12.75mm Medium-hard LePro
  • Wrap: Lacquered Black with white specs Irish linen
  • Joint: 5/16 x 18
  • Ferrule: 1 1/4" Polycarbonate
  • Joint Collar: White Collar with Blue Paua Shell Dice
  • Butt Cap: White with black BMC signature
Meucci  BMC3BKPRO Casino Cue - Black With Blue Royal Flush