Mezz Cues Dual Force Break Jump Cue

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The Mezz Cues Dual Force Break Jump Cue is the next generation of the Break and Jump Cues. Featuring the DF shaft with the sonic ferrule and trance tip, mesh leather grip and the new Mezz D2 joint system creating a breakthrough in reaching the jump and break ability to the highest level. The sonic ferrule and trance tip improves impact efficiency and produces a larger impact area while the mesh leather wrap provides extra grip traction and absorbs shock for more cue ball control. The Dual Force D2 joint pin enables convenient access to the different handle combinations for precision short and long distance jump shots. The Mezz Cues Dual Force Break Jump Cue also features:

  • Design: Black high impact composite material forearm that splits off for jump butt, Thick mother of pearl band between two silver rings sleeve
  • Shaft: 29" 13mm Dual Force break shaft
  • Tip: Sonic trance tip and paper fiber tip plate
  • Joint: The Mezz D2 joint system
  • Wrap: Coated mesh leather grip
  • Ferrule: 7/8" black sonic
  • Collar: Black high impact material with a nickel ring
  • Butt Plate: Black composite material with Mezz custom logo and a double silver ring
  • Bumper: Black rubber
Sku: CSI00013-01
Mezz Cues Dual Force Break Jump Cue