Mezz Cues Power Break 2

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The Mezz Cues Power Break 2 with the New Deep Impact 2 Shaft. This Mezz break cue was designed and manufactured for optimal shape, balance and with an innovative "Deep Impact Technology." By making the butt portion of the PBII approximately 4 inches (10.2 cm) shorter than the average break cue, Mezz has made it possible to reduce the amount of deflection and distortion that occurs at the time of impact. This keeps the power of the player's stroke from escaping and transfers it directly to the cue ball. In addition, Mezz has also developed and incorporated an unique weigh adjustment system (2-Way Weight Balance System), whereby the weight and balance of the cue can be fine-tuned to the suit the individual. This Mezz Cue Power Break 2 Cue also features:

  • Design: Laminated Rosewood impregnated with a phenolic resin forearm and Black high impact composite material with Power Break 2 and Mezz logo on sleeve
  • Shaft: 29" 13mm Deep Impact Break Shaft
  • Tip: Deep impact sonic tip with a paper fiber tip plate
  • Joint: Piloted stainless steel United joint pin
  • Wrap: None
  • Ferrule: 1 3/4” Bakelight ferrule
  • Collar: Black composite with two thin silver ring
  • Butt Plate: Black high impact material with gold Mezz logo and two thin silver rings
  • Bumper: Black rubber
Sku: CSI00014-01
Mezz Cues Power Break 2