Predator Revo Shaft 12.9 5/16x14 White Vault

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The Predator Revo Shaft 12.9 5/16x14 White Vault is the most accurate shaft in the world. The ultimate in billiards technology and performance. Not only is this the most accurate shaft ever made, REVO provides effortless action and power with more consistency than wood shafts. Comprised of aero-space grade carbon fiber composite, REVO shafts stay straight and are significantly more durable than traditional wood shafts. This REVO Predator Shaft features:

  • Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Tip: Predator Victory Soft
  • Tip Diameter: 12.9mm
  • Taper: Revo Low-Rise Pro Taper
  • Ferrule: Ferrule-less, White Vault Plate construction for easier sighting
  • Joint: 5/16x14
  • Shaft Length: 29"
  • Key Benefits: Pin-Point Accuracy, More Power with Less Effort, Firm Hit - Revo 12.9 provides the stiffest feeling, Optimal Comfort - 12.9 Low-Rise Pro Taper is the closest to Predator's 314 shaft Pro Taper (almost identical from 4 to 14 inches from the tip end), Revo 12.9 Shaft is for players of all levels who choose power over control or spin.
Predator Revo Shaft 12.9 5/16x14 White Vault