Predator Z 3rd Generation Uni-Loc Silver Ring Shaft

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The Predator Z 3rd Generation Shaft is even better than its predecessor. This version of the Predator Z Shaft has been enhanced and modified for greater overall consistency. These shafts use Predator's patented V-Tek construction to increase strength and stiffness in the shaft so there's less front-end mass. This increases accuracy and kinetic energy transference and makes for better performance. This shaft also uses iMatch to help improve the shaft's radial and hit consistency by making sure each splice is the same density and weight of another. All Predator Z-3 Shafts use Victory Tips, developed for optimal compression that contributes to better spin and less deflection. This shaft is 4% lighter than the Z-2, and is leaner with more flex. The Predator Z-3 includes:

  • V-Tek construction
  • Tip Type: Premium Predator 8 layer Victory Tip
  • Joint: Uni-Loc Silver Ring
  • Ferrule Length: 10.10mm
  • Taper: Conical-Hybrid
  • Tip Diameter: 11.85mm
  • Shaft Length: 29"
  • More spin, less deflection
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Predator Z 3rd Generation Uni-Loc Silver Ring Shaft