Pro English Trainer

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The Pro English Trainer by The Drill Instructor is a new device to help you learn how to apply English on a cue ball correctly. It's easy to use just simply set the Pro English Trainer on the table, place the cue ball in the center, aim and shoot. Comes with an instruction booklet which includes practice drills to help you get started. Made out of light plastic and measures 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" to easily store and carry inside a cue case pocket. This product does not include a cue ball which is needed for practice. This Pro English Trainer features:

  • Train your dominant eye or correct dominant eye misalignment
  • Develop perfect center cue ball sight and point of contact accuracy
  • Correctly measure and execute 1, 2 & 3 Tips of English
  • Measure the correct factor of deflection of your personal playing shaft
  • Develop a perfect follow-through to maximize cue ball action
  • Trains you to stop jumping up on shots causing stroke misalignment
  • Includes Pro English Trainer Drill Book
Pro English TrainerPro English Trainer