Quick Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner Kit

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The Quick Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner Kit allows you to maintain your billiard cloth clean in less than 60 seconds. There is no other product on the market today like it. Brushing the table only moves chalk dust around, clogging the fibers and making your cloth wear out faster! Quick-Clean's unique spray on formula will lift the dust out of the cloth allowing you to wipe it off for good!! If you are a home owner, a pool room operator or bar owner, this product will save you both time and money while keeping your pool table playing surface looking good and playing like new. Here's how it works! Just Spray it On and wipe it off with the micro fiber wiper or micro fiber cloth. That's it. It takes less than 1 minute to clean any pool table cloth and because it's a dry-foam cleaner, your table is ready to play immediately. This Quick-Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner Kit features:

  • Kit includes 1-18oz Quick Clean Can, 1-16" Micro Fiber Towel and 1-18" Micor Fiber Wiper with Handle
  • Cleans a pool table in less than 60 seconds
  • Will not fade the cloth, and has been tested in both home and poolroom environment to ensure the best quality
  • Extends the life of your cloth by 40-50%, by eliminating the harmful brushing and vacuuming
  • Safe for all types and grades of cloth
  • Brings older cloth back to its original color and playing speed
  • Eliminates table slide experienced with new cloth
  • Keeps the pockets, balls, furniture and fixtures free of chalk dust
  • Saves hours of time over the old cleaning methods
  • Quick-Clean is a dry style cleaner and leaves the table dry so there is no stretching or fading. When you recover the table the cloth under the rails will be the same color as the playing surface
  • Micro Fiber Wiper and Towel are Lint free, no need to re-wipe
  • Micro Fiber Wiper and Towel are Washable, Reusable, Just rinse off and dry
  • Micro Fiber wiper and towel work like a magnet and attract all dust and chalk residue easily picking and absorbing everything from the cloth
  • Please note due to federal regulations this product can only ship via Ground
Quick Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner Kit