Simonis X-1 Felt Cleaner

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The Simonis X-1 is a high-tech felt cleaner that works by static electricity and by capillarity. Iwan Simonis, producers of the best playing billiard cloth, developed the X-1 with the objective to preserve the quality of a cloth by providing it with an efficient cleaning device. This flexible product removes chalk dust from the felt by rapid back and forth movements with no exaggerated pressure required as you would do with other cleaning devices that could damage the playing surface by stretching, discoloring and altering it's properties. This Simonis Felt Cleaner X-1 Features:

  • Static Electricity Dust Removal
  • Non-Slip Handle, Suited for All Hands
  • Optimum Control During Cleaning
  • Curved Shape to Effectively Clean Along Cushions
  • No Risk of Damaging Iwan Simonis Cloth
  • High Absorption Capacity
  • Easy Cleaning of Device
Sku: X1C
Simonis X-1 Felt Cleaner